Has Covid Set Our Children Behind Academically?

Has Covid Set Our Children Behind Academically?

There are very few of us out there that can say that we didn’t suffer because of the global pandemic. If you are a business owner, you likely suffered. If you are someone that worked in entertainment, you definitely suffered and if you are someone that works in hospitality then you also likely suffered.

Covid made it near impossible for any of us to be able to work, which put us all at extreme economic strain and uncertainty of our future.

Now that Covid is starting to become more manageable, there have been improvements in certain sectors of the working world, and governments all around the world are trying to financially support businesses that suffered because of Covid.

However, while most people are being catered to following covid, there are a group of people that have seemed to be forgotten. I am of course referring to students. While many of us were forced to work from home because we could not go to work, students all around the world were unable to go to school and partake in formal education. These children were arguably neglected throughout the pandemic and they were not considered to be a priority. Do many people argue that covid has actually set our children back academically, but is this the case?

Rules Concerning Exams

One of the biggest ways that children in education have been set back because of covid is through examinations. In the past, there was a very typical routine when it came to exams. The children would be given a portion of the year that they would use for learning the course content. They would then be given some time to revise this content and sit mock exams before the real ones.

However, this has completely changed this year. First of all, children are not taking any in-person exams at all. To be able to complete an exam, you need to put hundreds of students in a hall, which is a guaranteed way to spread covid. For this reason, a lot of educational boards all around the world decided to skip the exams altogether.

They instead gave out results based on what the student’s predicted grades for the year were and what it looked as though they were going to get. Not only did the lack of exams mean a lack of revision and studying for the children, but it also meant that a lot of students were given unfair results.

Predicted grades are usually calculated at the start of the year and they do not take into account any progression or hard work someone may have put into improving their grades. This means that a lot of people that worked hard to improve their grades ended up with poor results and were unable to go to university or the college that they wanted to go to, which was unfair on them and showed just how much the educational system failed our children during a lockdown.

No Face to Face Teaching

Going into school just wasn’t an option during the lockdown period. We were asked only to leave the house for emergencies and school simply wasn’t an emergency. This was especially the case in dense cities like NYC, where it would be very easy for children to spread covid among each other.

Many schools decided that they would be hosting classes on Zoom throughout the pandemic. However, this way of learning didn’t work for everyone and a lot of students struggled to keep up with the content and this made their grades suffer.

Students that were really hit by the changes to the teaching system were children going for more prestigious schools, such as law schools, that have higher entry grades. Right now there are students out there that are getting ready to sit their LSATs with nowhere near enough preparation. If you can relate to this, then I would recommend that you find an LSAT tutor in NYC as they will be able to offer the support and advice that you may not have received from your school in the last year.

We hope that the grading system changes to reflect what students have been through for the last two years, otherwise, a lot of intelligent children are going to miss out on higher education.



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