who was the young girl who sang broadway baby in the follies

Who Was the Young Girl Who Sang Broadway Baby in the Follies

Did you know that the young girl who sang ‘Broadway Baby‘ in the Follies was not only a talented actress but also a trailblazer in the industry? Ethel Shutta, the woman behind this iconic performance, had an incredible journey in show business that spanned from vaudeville to Broadway. But who was she really? What led her to become the unforgettable Broadway Baby? In this article, we will unveil the fascinating story of Ethel Shutta, exploring her early career, her impact on the success of Follies, and her enduring legacy in the world of show business. Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable life of this extraordinary performer.

Ethel Shutta’s Early Career in Show Business

During her early years in show business, Ethel Shutta’s talent and passion for performing led her to a successful career in vaudeville and laid the foundation for her future accomplishments on the Broadway stage. She began her career in vaudeville as a child, honing her skills and entertaining audiences with her charming stage presence. Shutta’s talent soon caught the attention of radio producers, leading to her appearances on various radio shows. Her success in radio eventually paved the way for her to make her mark on Broadway, where she performed in notable shows like The Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 and Whoopee!

One of Shutta’s most memorable contributions to Broadway was her performance of the iconic song “Broadway Baby” in the musical Follies. Her rendition of the song showcased her incredible vocal range and her ability to captivate audiences with her commanding stage presence. However, behind the scenes, Shutta struggled with alcoholism, which posed challenges in her personal and professional life.

Despite her struggles, Shutta continued to work in show business until her death, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and dedication to her craft. Her final performance was in the musical Follies, where she gave a heartfelt and poignant portrayal of a seasoned performer reflecting on her career. Ethel Shutta’s early career in vaudeville, her success in radio and Broadway shows, her unforgettable rendition of “Broadway Baby,” her battle with alcoholism, and her final performance in Follies all contribute to her enduring legacy in the world of show business.

Ethel Shutta’s Iconic Performance of Broadway Baby

Ethel Shutta’s unforgettable rendition of the iconic song ‘Broadway Baby’ in the musical Follies solidified her place as a legendary performer in the world of show business. Her vocal prowess and stage presence captivated audiences and showcased her immense talent. Shutta’s performance of Broadway Baby was a masterclass in storytelling and musical interpretation.

In her performance, Shutta effortlessly navigated the complexities of the song, effortlessly transitioning between moments of youthful optimism and wry cynicism. Her love for being on stage was palpable, and it radiated through every note she sang.

Shutta’s contribution to Follies was nothing short of remarkable. Her performance of Broadway Baby added depth and humor to the character, creating a memorable and relatable portrayal. The song became synonymous with Shutta, and she performed it throughout the entire Broadway run of Follies.

Her impact on musical theater cannot be overstated. Shutta’s influence on Broadway was far-reaching, as her performance of Broadway Baby became a benchmark for future performers. Her legacy as a performer is a testament to her unique and organic style, which cannot be replicated today.

Ethel Shutta’s performance of Broadway Baby will forever be remembered as a highlight of her career. Her vocal prowess, stage presence, and contribution to Follies left an indelible mark on musical theater, solidifying her place as a true icon in the industry.

Ethel Shutta’s Impact on the Success of Follies

Shutta’s contribution to the success of Follies cannot be understated, as her iconic performance of Broadway Baby added depth, humor, and an unmatched level of talent to the production. Ethel Shutta’s influence on Follies was evident in every aspect of her performance. Her casting in the show was of utmost importance, as she was the only cast member with a connection to the Ziegfeld Follies. This connection brought a sense of authenticity and history to her portrayal. Shutta’s performance of Broadway Baby, in particular, held great significance. Her rendition of the song showcased her unique blend of youthful optimism and wry cynicism, capturing the essence of the character perfectly. Shutta’s legacy in Follies extended beyond her time in the production. She continued to perform Broadway Baby even after the show ended, solidifying her place as the definitive interpreter of the song. Her impact on Follies remains undeniable, as her talent and presence contributed greatly to the success and critical acclaim of the production.

Ethel Shutta’s Legacy in Show Business

Ethel Shutta’s enduring legacy in show business is marked by her exceptional talent and contributions to the world of theater and performance. Throughout her career, Shutta’s influence and impact were felt in numerous productions and her unique style of performing left a lasting impression on audiences.

Shutta’s career in show business spanned several decades, during which she showcased her versatility and skill in vaudeville, radio, and Broadway. She captivated audiences with her performances in shows like The Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 and Whoopee!. However, it was her portrayal of the character Hattie in the musical Follies that truly solidified her place in theater history.

Her performance of the iconic song “Broadway Baby” in Follies was nothing short of legendary. Shutta’s interpretation brought a delightful blend of youthful optimism and wry cynicism to the song, making it a highlight of the show. Her love for being on stage and her natural talent shone through in every note and every gesture.

Shutta’s legacy extends beyond her performance in Follies. She continued to perform “Broadway Baby” even after her time in the show ended, further cementing her connection to the song and her impact on its legacy. Her son, Charles Olsen, also followed in her footsteps and became involved in theater, carrying on the family’s tradition in the industry.

Ethel Shutta’s contributions to show business cannot be overstated. Her unique and organic style of performing, combined with her exceptional talent, left an indelible mark on the world of theater. Though she may no longer be with us, her legacy lives on through her unforgettable performances and the influence she had on future generations of performers.

Linda Lavin’s Broadway Career

Linda Lavin, renowned for her versatile acting career in both television and theater, has made a significant impact on Broadway with her impressive body of work. Lavin’s talent and dedication have earned her multiple Tony nominations, solidifying her status as a powerhouse performer in the industry. While she is widely known for her role as Alice on the long-running TV sitcom “Alice,” Lavin’s early struggles as a singer trying to transition into acting shaped her resilience and drive to succeed on Broadway.

Despite facing challenges, Lavin’s passion for the stage led her to find success in plays like Neil Simon’s “Last of the Red Hot Lovers” and “Broadway Bound,” for which she won a Tony Award. Lavin’s diverse acting career spans across plays, musicals, and TV shows, showcasing her range and versatility as a performer. Notably, she received critical acclaim for her performances in “Collected Stories” and “Other Desert Cities.”

Outside of her acting career, Lavin has found tranquility and happiness in her personal life. After going through a difficult divorce, she reassessed her life and moved to Wilmington, N.C. with her husband, Steve Bakunas. Together, they run a community theater and indulge in their shared passion for renovating houses. Lavin’s contentment radiates through her work, and she describes her life as great and wonderful.

Currently, Lavin is starring in the highly anticipated revival of Stephen Sondheim’s “Follies” at the Kennedy Center. Her role in the production has brought her joy and satisfaction, as she appreciates the relaxed style of director Eric Schaeffer. Lavin’s success and contentment make her feel that her current role is easy, further solidifying her status as a Broadway icon.

Linda Lavin’s Diverse Acting Career

Lavin’s diverse acting career has allowed her to showcase her range and versatility as a performer in plays, musicals, and TV shows. Here are three key points to highlight her career:

  1. Lavin’s TV success: One of her most notable roles was playing the title character in the CBS sitcom ‘Alice’ from 1976 to 1985. This role brought her widespread recognition and popularity, earning her a Golden Globe Award and two Primetime Emmy Award nominations.
  2. Lavin’s Tony Award nominations: Throughout her career, Lavin has received five Tony Award nominations. Her first nomination came in 1970 for Neil Simon’s ‘Last of the Red Hot Lovers,’ and she went on to win the Best Actress Tony Award in 1987 for Simon’s ‘Broadway Bound.’ Her Tony nominations showcase her talent and contribution to the theater world.
  3. Lavin’s passion for renovating houses: In addition to her acting career, Lavin has a passion for renovating houses. She and her husband, Steve Bakunas, run a community theater and have been involved in renovating houses. This passion for renovation reflects her creative and hands-on approach to different aspects of her life.

Linda Lavin’s Personal Life and Contentment

In her personal life, Linda Lavin has found contentment and fulfillment through various endeavors and experiences. After going through a difficult divorce in the 1990s, Lavin reassessed her life and chose to move to Wilmington, N.C. It was here that she found solace and pursued her passions. One of her main interests is renovating houses, which she and her husband, Steve Bakunas, enjoy doing together. They even run a community theater in Wilmington. Lavin’s love for renovating houses has allowed her to express her creativity and create beautiful spaces. In addition to her renovation projects, Lavin has also found contentment in her personal life by focusing on her passions. She has a deep love for cooking and plans to build a kitchen specifically designed for entertaining. This demonstrates her commitment to creating a warm and inviting environment for her loved ones. Overall, Linda Lavin’s life after divorce has been filled with joy and contentment, as she has found fulfillment through her renovation projects and pursuit of her passions.



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